Girls can wrestle too!

There is becoming an increasing number of girls wrestling on high school teams in Iowa, and it’s to the point where they now have their own AAU state tournament. There are a few of them here in Eagle Grove trying the sport, and a couple have already found some success.

According to assistant high school coach Aaron Schafer, Lily Locke and Jaymie Anderson have done very well in competition and have recently attended a camp to further advance their skills. However, they will admit that it wasn’t easy to break into what is still considered a predominantly boys sport here in Iowa.

“It was a little awkward for me at first,” said Locke, who has already gotten two second place finishes and a fourth place this year. “Some of them (her opponents) were state champs. It’s pretty fun though.”

Anderson has had two first place finishes and a fourth place so far. “I like wrestling boys, so it’s fun for me,” she said. “It is kind of awkward, but I think it makes us better.”

Maria Perez is also a part of this group, but has not yet been in competition. “It feels a little weird, but I like doing this,” she said. “The boys think they’re stronger than girls.”

When it comes to being accepted in the wrestling room and as part of the team, all three seem to think it hasn’t been a problem. “Some of them like me in wrestling,” said Locke. “One of them thinks I’m pretty good at it. Most of them accept me.” Anderson and Perez agree, with Jaymie adding “It’s been really good.” They will also admit it’s been a bit harder than they thought. “It’s a little hard,” said Locke. “I’m probably the strongest one, but sometimes the boy is stronger. I know you can hurt yourself too.”

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