The gift of reading

Anibal Lopez-Sologul (left) and Abi Carbajal-Teran (right) show off their Jan Brett project associated with the reading of “The Mitten.” Photo by Kim Demory

As Christmas inched closer and closer last week, the students became more and more excited, which means sometimes it’s a little harder to focus on learning. But for the last couple of years, the first grade teachers have figured out a way to keep their attention with the gift of reading and the Jan Brett travel day.

“It’s one of my most favorite days of all in the year,” first grade Denise Axtell told the students she was preparing to read to. “Jan Brett books are books so detailed and so fun.”

Brett is a children’s author who not only writes amazing stories, but is also an accomplished illustrator. What’s unique about her books is that on the sides of each page are “clue pictures” of what will be happening in the story. It is said that for every inch of illustration, it takes Brett roughly two hours to draw.

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