Four EGHS young ladies swim for Dodgers team

Eagle Grove students Claire Kienzle, Olivia Andersen, Emma Johnston and Shanna Thul (pictured from left) are members of this year’s Fort Dodge High School swim team. They travel to Dodger pool for practices and meets, and have made new friends on the team. Photo by Les Houser

(Editor’s note-Shanna Thul was not available for the interview)

Claire Kienzle, Shanna Thul, Olivia Andersen and Emma Johnston have all enjoyed swimming from an early age, taking lessons followed by participating on the Eagle Grove Swim Team each summer. However, they love the water so much they decided it just wasn’t enough pool time. They have taken their love for the sport to the next level, and now travel each day for practices and meets as members of the Fort Dodge Dodger swim team.

The program, under the direction of long-time coach Ashley Beaumont, has steadily improved over the years and has been well represented at recent state meets with several medalists. These four hope to eventually add their names to that success.

Kienzle is actually in her second year with the team, and doesn’t quite remember when she fi rst took lessons but does recall when she could fi nally swim. When she was in sixth grade, her younger sister Ava talked her into trying out for the local team. “I quit within my fi rst week, but I am so happy that Jenice Hammitt jokingly threatened to track me down and bring me back to practice!” said the sophomore. “Without her, I don’t think I would be where I am now.”

Andersen, a freshman, remembers going to the pool almost everyday when she was younger. “My mom then decided that I need lessons,” said Andersen. “I took those until about fourth grade.”

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