A flight of honor for seven local veterans

This Saturday, May 11, eight Wright County Veterans will board a flight to Washington, D.C. where they will spend the the day being recognized for their service and commitment to this country. Since 2010, flights have consisted of only WWII and Korean War Veterans, but as of the May 7, 2016 flight, Vietnam Veterans have been incorporated in the trips.

As part of the 18th Brushy Creek Area Honor Flight, Marvin Hamer, Tom Fevold, Leroy Orr, Tom Erickson, Dennis Mraz, Paul Wright, and Steve Olson will be spending the day touring several memorials including the Korean, Lincoln, Vietnam, WWII and Arlington Cemetery where they will see the changing of the guards and lowering of the flag. Also included is the Iwo Jima Monument where they will observe a short program and take a group picture.

The Veterans will depart for their one-day trip from the Fort Dodge Regional Airport on a Boeing 737 flown by Sun Country at approximately 6:20 a.m. and will return to Fort Dodge Regional at approximately 10:40 p.m. Aboard will be 162 passengers - 144 of the those being Veterans (including Team Leaders - formerly called “Guardians” who are now Vietnam Veterans who have volunteered to walk with two to three veterans or push a veteran in a wheelchair).

“By replacing guardians with “Team Leaders” more veterans are able to make the trip,” said Reed.

The rest of the passengers will be made up of a doctor, nurses, EMT, videographers, and board members.

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Photo: Veterans who will be leaving on Saturday, May 11 include, from left: Leonard Fevold of Oxford, Ia. (Viet Nam and Brother of Tom Fevold); Marvin Hamer of Eagle Grove (Army, WWII); Tom Fevold of Goldfield (Marine, Viet Nam); Leroy Orr of Eagle Grove (Army, Viet Nam); Tom Erickson of Clarion (Army, Viet Nam); Dennis Mraz of Clarion (Army, Viet Nam); Paul Wright of Eagle Grove (Navy, Viet Nam); and Steve Olson of Belmond (Medical Support). Missing from the photo is Gary Cox of Webster City (Navy, Viet Nam)

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