Firefighter for a day

Lucas Willard (left) and Slade Babb (right) were the lucky friends that Derick Chacon (center) chose to be part of his firefighter for a day experience. Photo by Kim Demory

It was a Parent/Teacher Conference that led to one little boys dream coming true years before he had ever hoped.

Second grader Derick Chacon has some very special teachers to help him with his disability needs. So when they found out during a conference with his mother that his dream is to one day be a fire fighter, they decided to make that dream a reality. They told him that if he accomplished some goals they would set together, they told him he could go for a ride on a fire truck.

The first goal was to achieve 15 Accelerated Reader (AR) points (reading books and taking tests). The second was that he would have to learn to type the alphabet in 90 seconds. He also had to work on his independent work skills, and focus on hallway behavior goals.

“He worked really hard to reach these goals,” said one of the teachers, Angie Anderson. “It was an awesome motivator for him.”

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