Find the pinwheel... help prevent child abuse

Can you find this blue pinwheel hidden somewhere in Eagle Grove? Photo by Kim Demory

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and in the spirit of promoting healthy child development and strong family bonds, the Parent Connection Program and Prevent Child Abuse Iowa (PCAI) Council for Hamilton, Humboldt, and Wright Counties are teaming together to sponsor a fun scavenger hunt.

You will want to keep your eyes open for this blue pinwheel pictured in the story. If you and your kids spot it, it could mean some fun prizes for your family, but guarantees fun memories whether you win or not. Beginning April 1 and going through the end of the month, when you fi nd this pinwheel located in each town of Eagle Grove, Webster City, and Humboldt, snap a picture on your phone with your family in front of it, and then upload it on the Parent Connection HHW Facebook Page. You never know where you will find this pinwheel - a reminder to help prevent child abuse. It might be in a park, along trails, at schools, playgrounds, businesses... anywhere moms, dads, and their kids hang out together. Go out looking before school, or after school...but look.

It will be fun. Make it a game to see who can spot it first, you or your child. Participants are eligible to share a photo from each location in each county, with one winner being selected at the end of the month from each of the three participating communities.

Pinwheels will be moved every one to three days, so that means there are lots of chances to find it and get your name thrown into a hat for the overall prizes.

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