Final Lady Eagle basketball stats show Vrba the leading scorer

The final season stats for the Eagle Grove varsity girls basketball team show a 5-17 overall record and a 3-13 mark in the West Division of the Top of Iowa Conference. North Union finished 15-2 in the division, followed by West Hancock at 14-2 and Forest City at 13-3.

The ladies scored 809 total points for an average of 36.8 ppg. They collectively made 301 field goals out of 1050 attempts for 28.7 percent, 50 out of 251 three-pointers for 19.9 percent and 157 out of 330 free throws for 47.6 percent.

Natalie Vrba led the team in scoring with 263 total points on 104 of 255 shots from the field for an average of 12.0 ppg. Ari Lyman scored 144 points on 50 of 163 shots for an average of 6.9 ppg. Kenzie Crail scored 99 points on 33 of 153 shots for an average of 4.5 ppg. Kaitlin Sampson scored 69 points on 24 of 86 shots for an average of 3.1 ppg. Jordan Kastler scored 52 points on 22 of 82 shots for an average of 2.4 ppg.

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