Environmental Agriculture Days in EG

How long does it take for a chicken to hatch? How many people does it take to get the food we eat from field to table? How do our rivers and streams effect erosion? How is technology improving the way we feed people? What is DNA and how does it play a part in farming? These and numerous other questions were answered for roughly 500 fifth graders and their chaperones during the 23rd Annual Youth Environmental Agriculture Days program held at the Wright County Fairgrounds in Eagle Grove last week.

“Our kids need to grasp what farmers do...” was one of the comments the sponsor, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, heard about their efforts in coordinating this educational, hands-on program. The majority of students today live in town, which is why this program continues to grow in importance - as a way to educate them how agriculture plays a role in their everyday lives. Many were surprised to learn about the use of corn and soybeans in products they see or use in their daily lives.

For example, Ford has used soybeans in their foam to make seats since 2008. John Deere has also starting using soybean for their seats as well. There are even companies that use corn to produce biodegradable golf balls (the number one purchaser being the U.S. Navy), golf tees, and white packing peanuts, which will disintegrate in three minutes when you add water to them. Styrofoam peanuts will still be in a landfill in 100 years.

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