Emergency Management Wright County urges sign-ups to CodeRed Weather Warnings

The following is a press release from Emergency Management Wright County 
Persons living or working in Wright County are encouraged to sign up for the Wright County CodeRed Weather Warning that provides automated weather warnings via phone call, text or email based on the subscriber’s address. The link for registering for the FREE service is located on the Wright County website – www.wrightcounty.org
The public is also reminded the outdoor tornado sirens are to alert those persons who are outdoors of a Tornado Warning and that they should move inside and tune to local media for more complete information and instructions.
The following is the policy on the activation of the outdoor warnings for Wright County:
The Outdoor Tornado Warning Sirens for each of the jurisdictions in Wright County will be activated by dispatch whenever that jurisdiction is listed in the warned area of the TORNADO WARNING issued by the National Weather Service AND/OR whenever law enforcement or fire personnel from the jurisdiction requests the Outdoor Tornado Warning Sirens to be activated during an event.
Wright County joins several other counties across the state in that there is no, “All-Clear” signal given following the warning. Persons who are alerted to the warning based on the outdoor sirens should seek shelter indoors and monitor local news media for weather updates.
“I can’t stress enough the importance of using the free CodeRed weather warnings,” explained Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Lester. “The warnings are delivered based on the warned polygon area issued by the National Weather Service. The warning messages also indicate for how long the warning is in effect.”