Easter Bunny hops around town Visits Eagles Wings, Rotary Ann

While he is extremely busy this time of year, the Easter Bunny found the route to Eagle Grove last Friday to make a few stops and I was able to catch up with the furry white rabbit at two of those places.

At Eagles Wings day care center in the morning, the Bunny snuck in while the children were in the playground area. Once they came down the hall and entered the main room, their eyes lit up big as they went running over to see the star of the day. After they swarmed around him, and gathered for a group photo, the Bunny spent a bit of time getting acquainted with his favorite little people before hoping off to his next stop.

Needless to say, the Bunny was a hit with the children and employees alike. “It was good,” said Jerzeigh Thul- Reimers upon seeing the furry friend. “It was so cool.” Avery Hill was happy to see him as well. “I was excited,” she said later. “I told him Happy Easter.”

Jaggar Morris was surprised to see him visit the center. “I wanted to ask him if he had any chocolate bunnies,” said the youngster. Kylie Lozano was also surprised about their special visitor. “I wanted a chocolate bunny too,” she said.

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