Eagle Grove Rotary Club makes history?

Outgoing Eagle Grove Rotary Club President Dr. Aaron Parrott (left) and incoming President Tara Behrendsen (right) with John Biege (center) who was proud to serve one week as what is believed to be the world’s oldest Rotary President. Photo by Kim Demory

The Eagle Grove Rotary Club has been operating since April 27, 1921. Over they years, they’ve achieved many great things like building a nursing home and a retirement community; raising funds to help eradicate Polio around the world; helped build a Wellness Center, they’ve even sponsored exchange students, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. So what is the key to all of these successes? Strong leadership and members who were willing to give 100 percent of whatever it took.

That dedication and motivation still continues in the Eagle Grove Rotary Club today, and now they’re doing something that, to the best of their knowledge, very well could put them in the Rotary International history book - they elected 101-year-old John Biege as their club president.

When the idea was brought up at an earlier Eagle Grove Rotarian meeting discussing nominations for the post, Biege was willing to entertain the suggestion of being president if he could have a little help. Club members all agreed that they would take a month serving as a so-called president’s assistant, helping Biege organize meetings and information or whatever else might need to be done. So the motion was made to elect Biege as the new Eagle Grove Rotary Club president. There was a second, and he was unanimously voted the 2018 Rotary president.

After taking the reigns for one week, Biege was faced with some unforeseen health issues and was saddened to have to resign from his newly acquired post.

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