Eagle Grove Officer Michael Lehman back from the Academy

Eagle Grove Police Officer Michael Lehman poses next to the newest vehicle in their fleet, a 2017 Ford Explorer. Lehman came to the department last October, then attended the academy and graduated this past May. He spent four years as a reserve officer in Estherville before coming here. Photo by Les Houser

A ride along with a former neighbor, who was a state patrolman, peaked Michael Lehman’s interest in wanting to go into law enforcement as a career.

He has not regretted the decision.

“It’s never the same thing everyday,” said the officer. “I especially enjoy getting out of the car and talking with the kids. They know who I am now, and I like to build relationships with them. It gives us a good name, and gives me a good rapport with them. I’ve always wanted to be a small town cop.”

Lehman is originally from Lubbock, Texas, and moved to Guthrie Center, Iowa and started to get involved by helping out with the DARE program. After obtaining a two-year degree at Iowa Lakes Community College, he became a reserve officer for four years for the City of Estherville. After doing dispatching for a time, he found out about the opening in the department here and pursued it. He started here last October, then went into the State Law Enforcement Academy this past March.

Read the full article in the August 10 edition of the Eagle.