Eagle Grove Family Aquatic Center’s 10th Anniversary

Celebration set for Aug. 5

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been 10 fun years since the Eagle Grove Family Aquatic Center opened. On June 2, 2007, a lot of hard work and dedication from a variety of community members paid off when the doors officially opened for swimming.

It all began with a dream to update an aging pool. The debate was weather to spend the money to keep “fixing” reoccurring problems, or simply tackle the challenges of building a new one. They went with the later, and after nine design changes, the plans were presented to the City Council. They gave their approval. The next mission was getting community members on board to raise a portion of the needed funds.

“Our first goal was to bring the need of a new aquatic center to the community, but we had no money to pay for publicity or for an election,” said Jim Seibert, chairman of the Aquatic Center Fund Drive Committee back when it first opened. “Without a question, the Robert Blue Middle School Student Government donated $5,000 and we were on our way.”

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