Downtown Streetscape Plan unveiled at Council meeting

The plan for the revitalization of a three-block area of the downtown, known as the “Streetscape Project” was presented at this past Monday’s City Council meeting. Two representatives from ISG presented the plan.

The City had applied for $1.9 million and received a $1.6 million contribution from the Sponsored Project Initiative in the fall of 2017. It was pointed out that cities are now typically receiving only $1 million, so Eagle Grove was lucky to receive the extra money. It must be used to improve water quality through the City’s stormwater drainage system. The City will have five years to fully implement the plan.

Anything that needs to be done downtown, which can include pavement removal, a bio-retention area, permeable pavers, maintenance equipment (cleaning between pavers to keep them functioning properly) and easements or land acquisition, can be funded from this money. In short, anything that improves the drainage and the water runoff quality are allowed under the grant funding guidelines. A 10-year maintenance plan is required, which will help show how the City plans to care for their investment. The City plans on taking a creative approach to maximize the use of the dollars received.

According to City Administrator Bryce Davis, the question once the grant was approved became “What could we do downtown to make improvements and what would it cost?” Davis emphasized that what comes out of this meeting is only initial ideas. “This is only what could happen,” said Davis. “The Streetscape is the final focus of our downtown revitalization efforts.”

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