Donkey Basketball scores big in EG

Dr. Dustin Smith holds on to his donkey (Widowmaker) tight so he doesn’t prove his name right. Photo by Kim Demory

More than 500 people packed the Eagle Grove Elementary gym on Saturday, Jan. 20 to watch some brave local men, women, and students ride a donkey to compete in a game of basketball.

The event was sponsored by the Eagle Grove Music Boosters, to help offset the cost of a new sound system that was recently installed in the elementary gym.

Aaron Schafer, one of the riders, commented after the event, “I think it was a fun idea...and a great way to raise money without taxing our local businesses.”

The night began with four teams vying for the winner’s trophy - Fareway, Moffitt Dental, KQWC, and Oldson’s Plumbing, Heating & AC. The first game saw Oldson’s take on Fareway, with Oldson’s coming out on top. It was a low-scoring game as you might imagine...but none-the-less hilarious to watch. The rules said that participants had to have ahold of their donkey’s at all times in order to be able to touch the ball. To be an eligible shooter, you actually had to be mounted on your donkey’s back. The crowd roared with laughter as players tried to get on their donkeys. Some were easier than others. Some were little. Some were big. Some liked having riders, some did Widowmaker. While he did try to dump a few riders, he really was a kind donkey at heart. Riders could tag out with their teammates at any time as it’s just as exhausting as you might expect to lead and ride a donkey in a certain direction.

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