Defining projects and establishing priorities for EG

Community members look at ideas and present suggestions on ways to improve Eagle Grove with Nathan Gruver, landscape architect with ISG (second from left). Photo by Kim Demory

Roughly two dozen Eagle Grove community members, leaders, and business owners gathered at Rails Depot on Tuesday, Feb. 20 to be a part of the Community Core Improvement Project - discussing the future of this community.

Nathan Gruver, Landscape Architect with ISG (the firm working with the development of Eagle Grove projects) described it as “A storytelling session.” It wasn’t a formal meeting, rather a chance for people to come together who live here, work here, and run businesses here to give opinions and suggestions as to what would make this a better, safer, more beautiful community.

“ What's working in Eagle Grove, and what’s not? What are your major concerns?” Gruver asked the attendees.

To aid in this task, ISG brought with them several large printouts of differing street corners, downtown businesses, and examples of projects they’ve done in other communities in order to inspire other ideas.

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