Deb Farwell’s day care raises $850 for Wright County Shrine Club

Deb Farwell’s day care kids were excited to present the Wright County Shrine Club with a check recently to help other kids in need. Names in the photo are below the article. Photo provided

Deb Farwell of Eagle Grove has been caring for kids in her daycare for the last 41 years. The Wright County Shrine Club has also been caring for kids the last 30 or 40 years...but in a different way. They help out when there is a medical need for a child that can be helped at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Minneapolis - by providing money for gas, food...and even rides to the hospital.

Although both focus their time and attention on children, they had never crossed paths until this summer, but Farwell said her day care’s mission to help others actually started last summer, in 2018. After having a boy in her daycare for many years who used a wheelchair, they discovered a program called Caps of Love. The charitable organization partners with recycling companies - collecting plastic bottle caps and turning them in for money to use to purchase wheelchairs for children.

“The daycare kids and I collected 10 garbage bags full,” said Farwell.

They did so with the help of the community who placed their plastic caps in boxes placed at Jill Marie’s, the fairgrounds (during the 2018 fair), and the United Methodist Church in Eagle Grove.

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Pictured front row, from left: Caitlin Christopher, Adalie Alt, Bentlee Olson, Mila Schild, Jevan Alt, and Emma Schreiber. Second row, from left: Christian Schild, Ethan Schreiber, Tytan Kleppe, Avery Lawson, Jack Schreiber, Hailey Olson, and Brooke Demuth. Shriners in the back row include, from left: Maurice Riley, Mitch Tillman, tom Harvey, and Del Kramersmeier.