County and City discuss Drainage District issues

In a workshop session held this past Tuesday morning at the courthouse in Clarion, the Wright County Board of Supervisors and Eagle Grove city officials came together to start the process of deciding how to proceed on drainage district issues within the city boundaries. Present for the discussion was Mayor Sandra McGrath, City Administrator Bryce Davis and Councilperson Al Pamperin. Also involved was Attorney Dave Johnson, who provides legal counsel for the Board on drainage matters. Both entities are acting in their roles as trustees for Districts 15 and 94.

DD#15 has 553 urban acres in Eagle Grove, while DD#94 has 400 urban acres. Johnson opened the session with an outline of what’s possibly needed. “There are two or three issues here on how the two can work together,” said Johnson. “In 1944, the County transferred these acres to the City, so they’re running the district but admitted they haven’t done a good job. Bryce wants the ditch cleaned out and it’s badly needed. It’s a mess. There’s also a need to repair, possibly a right of way issue, although I have mixed feelings on that so it’s a side issue for now, and possible annexation which is a mine field. There also could be a need for reclassification. Probably no one on the Council has ever done this process. There’s also a possibility of annexing property to the south, but some of those have easements so they feel they can’t be assessed.”

Johnson said the first issue concerns the 500-1000 residential lots in the possible annexation area. “Extra work will be created,” said Johnson.

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