Council will leave current zoning for Umthun building

Following several citizens addressing the Eagle Grove City Council as being against the idea, members unanimously approved rescinding the rezoning request for the old Umthun office building. The plan was to amend the classification from Industrial (I-1) to Residential (R-4) for the purpose of gutting and remodeling the burnedout structure into an eightapartment complex.

During the public hearing preceding the vote, Erin Halverson served as a spokesperson for the neighborhood surrounding the building in opposing the plan. “We’re not against the need for housing in the city, just not a multi-unit apartment building there,” said Halverson as part of her presentation. She cited parking space and turnaround issues as some reasons for their opposition. Several others also spoke against the idea. Following the hearing, Councilperson Mike Weland motioned, with Councilperson Sonya Middleton seconding, to take no action and leave the designation as is.

The Council held a public hearing, with no objections, for action on adopting the Code of Ordinances for the City. The hearing was closed, followed by approval of the first reading of Ordinance 2018-11. The second and third readings were waived, and the ordinance was formally adopted.

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