Council vote to reverse dangerous animal order on residents fails approval

A public hearing was held at the November 15 City Council meeting to consider the fate of a dog owned by Jeffrey and LuAnne Pedersen. Acccording to the testimony, the child was on the sidewalk when the dog came right up to him and bit.

While it did break the skin, no bandage was needed. LuAnne feels the child should not be considered a trespasser on their property. This was the first time the dog has done this to anyone.

She proceeded to quote sections of the code, and said that the dog was on a leash and on their property. “We have 13 grandchilden, and this dog has been nothing but loving towards them,” said LuAnne. “I wouldn’t have one (around them) that wasn’t.” After some discussion, Council member Al Pamperin voted to reverse, instead of uphold, the order. Mike Weland seconded the motion, but the Council then was deadlocked in a 3-3 vote.

Mayor Sandra McGrath then cast the deciding vote against reversal, giving the couple three options for their dog. They must either comply with the regulations in City Code which means completion of a behavior modification course and a microchip for the animal, remove the dog from City limits or euthanize the dog.

A public hearing was also held to consider a resolution of necessity and to establish an Urban Renewal Area for the purpose of new housing. This would be for the approximately 140-acre area adjacent to the elementary/middle school.

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