Council holds hearing on a nuisance violation

At the request of property owners Greg Larson and Ann Sullivan-Larson at 410 West Broadway, a hearing was held at this Monday’s City Council meeting concerning whether they are in violation or if an abatement should be required.

The problem is scaffolding that has been erected on the property for some time. According to Greg Larson, the scaffolding is still in use and cannot be taken down. He has been trying to do the work based on temperature and weather conditions. He still has additional repairs to make on insulation when the weather permits, and when the temperature gets milder he plans to continue construction activities on a near-daily basis. “I plan on finishing the house by the end of the year,” said Greg.

As to the safety of the scaffolding being up for so long, he said there has been no incident of children trespassing on their property or attempting to climb on the structure. They have already discussed it with their homeowner’s insurance agent, who indicated that children are more likely to get hurt walking to school than being on his property. They told their insurance company that they were willing to put up a barricade, or install ladder lockouts, as per their recommendation. As to the corrective actions in the notice pertaining to cleaning up the property, they have no problem with that and plan to haul away junk and construction waste in a timely manner as weather permits.

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