Council hires new City Administrator

At their meeting this past Monday, the Eagle Grove City Council unanimously approved the hiring of a new city administrator (name withheld pending contract signing. Watch our website for the naming of the administrator as soon as it is offical) and to enter contract negotiations for the position.

As the Council fills one position, another opens up to fill as the resignation of Chris van Jaarsveld was accepted. He was the Planning & Zoning, Building Rental Inspector and Code Enforcement person for the City. After accepting the resignation, there was discussion about the future of the position. “He was hired to do planning and zoning,” said Councilperson Mike Weland. “I would say we advertise for that and code enforcement, with possibly some rental inspection.”

Nothing was decided for certain at this time, as the Council will study it further.

Resolution 2017-41 was approved which set the rental inspection and program fees. It is as follows: Annual registration and triennial inspection fee of $35 for first unit and $5 for each additional; Section 8 registration fee of $5 per unit; Late registration fee of double the amount of underlying fee; Reinspection (only if another needed to gain compliance) fee of $50 per building or $10 per unit (whichever is higher); Spot inspections fee is $35 per unit. An example of how this works would be: Single family- $35; Duplex-$35 base fee plus $5 for second dwelling for $40 total; 12 plex-$35 base fee plus $5 x 11 units for $90 total.

James Larson was present at the meeting to talk about a proposed gun range in the basement of the former Godfathers Pizza building on West Broadway. He would also possibly move his gun sales business there as well. The Council has reservations, considering that City Code prohibits discharging of any weapons within city limits (It was brought up that the downtown facility in Humboldt has sound-proofing which eliminates any noise issue).

Read the full story in the December 7 edition.