Council discusses abatement issue on three separate properties

The Eagle Grove City Council spent a considerable portion of their meeting this past Monday discussing three separate properties during a hearing with the owner, trying to decide if abatement proceedings should be required. Present for the discussion and possible decision was Eugene M. Spencer owner of all three.

The first house discussed is at 406 North Cadwell, which Spencer believes does not meet the City’s qualifications for a dangerous or unsafe structure.

“Notices were never posted on that house,” said Spencer. “It was being lived in by my son at the time it was tagged. Someone even came to look in the windows. By who’s authority can they do that?”

When asked by Councilperson Al Pamperin what his intentions were for that property, Spencer said he wasn’t sure. “Is money available, or can I give the city the property?” said Spencer.

In terms of the next property, at 213 South Iowa, Spencer explained that he had made multiple attempts to remove the notices so he could work on the house. “I was told by Chief Beltran I needed permission from Dani (Eisentrager) to remove those, and she never got back to me,” said Spencer. Councilperson Mike Weland asked him why he never tried to contact the mayor or any council member. “I was told to go thru Dani,” he replied.

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