City releases plan for $2.2 million downtown revitalization project, Main Street Iowa

Eagle Grove City Administrator Bryce Davis and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sara Middleton recently sat down together to share their efforts to tackle downtown revitalization, a job that, according to Davis and Middleton, has several parts that work together.

“Improving the vibrancy of the Downtown District is an important goal that definitely has the ability to be achieved. One of the first initiatives of this project was to create a new zoning classification, Downtown D-1 District. This zoning classification will be specific for downtown buildings, businesses, and a means to improve the vitality of our community core.” said Davis

From a building improvement standpoint, which Davis announced recently, is that the City of Eagle Grove has been awarded a Community Catalyst Building Remediation Grant which will be facilitated from the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) through the City and on to Torkelson Properties for the renovation of the property located at 112 N. Lucas (located between the old Chamber building and the pet store). The plan is to remodel the building into a viable business space downstairs with the upper level being utilized for six apartment units – a combination of 2- and 3-bedroom units.

In order for the project to be a go, Torkelson Properties has to meet certain requirements. The application does not require that a business is established into 112 N. Lucas property, but only that it is a rent-ready space. At this time, the building is receiving a new roof, then the goal will be to work on other external and internal pieces, such as: tuck pointing, new doors, new windows, interior construction, etc. When project is finished, Torkelson Properties will request a draw from the City then the City will request funds from IEDA for up to $100,000 for qualifying expenses. The project has two years to finish per the contracts that were signed - work began April 11, 2019.

This building was originally constructed in the early 1900s, and according to Davis, has been storage for the past 10 years. With the Community Catalyst money, this 15,000 sq. ft. area now has potential to become a vital part of the downtown environment.

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