A city on the grow Bryce Davis talks about what’s next for Eagle Grove

Last week, The Eagle Grove Eagle brought you a look at the infrastructure projects the City has been diligently working on to make improvements to our community. This week, we take a look at projects the City will soon be focusing their attention on to make our town a better, safer, more beautiful community to live in, work in, and own a business in.

Back in February of this year, City leaders held a Community Core Improvement meeting that was open to the public. The intention was to talk with both Eagle Grove residents and business owners to fi nd out what improvements they would like to see made to our town, amenities they would like to see added, and how they would like their town to look.

Nathan Gruver, Landscape Architect with ISG (the fi rm working with the development of Eagle Grove project) described it as a “storytelling session,” - a chance for people to give options and suggestions and feed off of other people’s ideas. There was no shortage of suggestions as people took advantage of the opportunity to let the City leaders know exactly what they saw for the future of Eagle Grove. Ideas ranged from replacing the big silver light poles on Broadway with cast iron ones instead; replacing the trees on the sidewalks of Broadway; and adding awnings over the downtown businesses for a uniform look. Other suggestions consisted of a bike/ walking path on NE 2nd Street that leads to the swimming pool and has such heavy truck traffic; having benches downtown; and addressing the flashing stop lights on the four corners to name only a few of the many.

“The City has been laying the ground work (since then) to pursue successful projects from this meeting,” said City Administrator Bryce Davis.

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