City appoints engineers for DD15 project

-At this past Monday’s meeting of the Eagle Grove City Council, members approved the appointment of I&S Group as engineers for drainage district #15, and authorized them to prepare a preliminary report for the repair and/or improvement of the drain tile.

The County Board of Supervisors are also regarded as the drainage district trustees, however when at least 25 percent or more of the total area of any particular district lies within the corporate limits of a city the Board may by resolution transfer control to that city. The existing main tile has already been televised, and shows structural problems and failure in the area on the city’s northwest side.

Once the engineer is appointed and has prepared their plan, the Council will hold an informational meeting with landowners to present the findings. The engineer can then be directed to complete a full report, including cost estimates for either repairs, improvements or both. A formal meeting is then held to hear the report. Objections can be made at that time.

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