Childhood memories inspire clubhouse improvements at Eagle Grove Colf Course

Inside the clubhouse of the Eagle Grove Golf Course hangs a photo of the clubhouse that dates back to 1920. While updates have been made over the years, it’s been quite some time. Trudy (Hanson) Cook and Merry (Anderson) Conaway are hoping to change that. Photo by Kim Demory

What’s something that triggers a childhood memory for you? Is it a smell? Maybe a person? For Trudy (Hanson) Cook, it’s a place - the Eagle Grove Golf Course. It was a home-away-from-home for her as a little girl. She remembers sitting by the window in the clubhouse playing with her Barbie dolls when she and her brother came along to watch her mom and dad golf. She remembers sledding down the giant hill. She has memories of the river that runs along the golf course...and that’s why she’s passionate about remodeling the clubhouse that has sat out there for more than 100 years.

Trudy moved away after graduating but returned home to the area a couple of years ago. That’s when she has reunited once again with one of her favorite places - the Eagle Grove Golf Course and clubhouse. She even started working there a couple of days a week, and that’s when she noticed, along with her friend Merry (Anderson) Conaway who also works at the clubhouse and has fond memories of it, that the place needed a little TLC.

“People come from all over and say how beautiful our course’s time we match the beauty of our clubhouse to the beauty of our course,” Trudy said. “There are so many things we could do to update it.”

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