Career Academy offering free Integrated Manufacturing classes for adults

Wendy Herrejon helps out Adela Reyes-Manuel as Adela rebuilds her engine. Photo provided

Iowa Central and the North Central Career Academy in Eagle Grove are excited to be offering something new in the area.

“We have created an I-MAP Certificate Program to fulfill the needs of area the upcoming Prestage Plant for one,” said Tony Finn, Career Navigator and ESL Support Specialist.

The first session of the free Integrated Manufacturing Advancement Program (I-MAP) was recently completed with 11 men and women of varying ages - English speaking and non English speaking, completing the course.

“The grant-based program is designed to give opportunities to our community members,” added Finn.

A second session of night classes will start January 16 and run through approximately March 17.

Read the full story in the January 11 edition.