A Burning Desire to build a family tradition and serve the community

Ernie Lewis was pleased to be presented with a plaque from his fellow fire fighters in honor of his 50 years of service on the Goldfield Fire Department. Photo submitted

Ernie Lewis was born and raised in Goldfield. He was also born and raised in a fire fighting family. His dad, Wilson E. Lewis, served on the Goldfield Fire Department for 44 years, many of them as the Chief.

“I remember my dad going to the fires...and as a youngster I followed him to a lot of them,” Ernie recalled of how fire fighting became a passion for him. “Being a fireman is just something I’ve always known I wanted to do.”

...And so he did...after high school...and after he got home from serving our country in the United States Army. It was in March of 1969, at the age of 21, that Ernie was finally able to pursue his childhood dream of being a firefighter on the Goldfield Fire Department, serving side-by-side with his dad. But it wasn’t just during a fire call that Ernie worked with him. When he returned from the Army, Ernie also went back to work with his dad at the family business - L&L Service, an auto repair shop in Goldfield. Ernie had worked there during his high school years and he was now ready to take over ownership of the shop, eventually purchasing it from his dad and his aunt. Ernie was ready to settle back into life in Goldfield, following in the family tradition his father had started.

“I wanted to come back (to Goldfield and L&L) because of the people here,” Ernie said.

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