A Bucket of Junk

For Wright County youth, one man’s junk really did become their treasure. A new contest for the 2018 Wright County Fair gave the first 20 4-H kids to claim their buckets the opportunity to show that imagination and creativity can turn “junk” into works of art.

The Bucket of Junk Contest was the suggestion of Rodney Legleigter, the Wright County Fair’s newest board member.

“I saw it someplace else and thought it would be new and different...a chance to change things up and give kids the opportunity to do something different,” he said.

The Fair Board loved the idea, and Legleigter ran with it. He gathered 20 five-gallon buckets and filled them with 20 pieces of unique junk, however, each bucket contained the same “pieces.”

For example. Each bucket had four horseshoes. Each bucket had the same number of pieces of tin in similar sizes (of course, no two pieces of tin are alike, so colors varied, etc.). Each bucket had the same number of bolts, and so on.

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