The bald and the beautiful

Emily and Amy owning their new looks - The bald and the beautiful. Photo by Kim Demory

From the outside, Emily Dawson appears to be just like any other seventh grade girl. She looks forward to seeing her friends, has a beaming smile, and has long beautiful hair - or at least she used to. You see, Emily is anything but a “normal” teenager. She’s extraordinary, and she proved it on Wednesday, Feb. 28, when she cut off all her hair - completely bald. She did it to show support for Amy Cooper, a family friend battling cancer.

It all started the day before Aaron Eilerts Day on Thursday, Feb. 22, when Emily’s Dad, Rick Dawson, and two of the Boy Scouts he leads (Mark Dawson - Emily’s brother, and Jensen Cooper - Amy’s son) decided to go bald in honor of Amy.

Emily said that got her thinking. “It’s easy for a guy to cut off all his is it really that big of a sacrifice?”

She started to imagine what it would be like if she had no hair. She thought about what it must be like for Amy to have no hair. That’s when she decided she wanted to shave her hair off too. On Monday she went to her Robert Blue Middle School Guidance Counselor Beth Stephas with the idea.

Stephas said when Emily came in and said she wanted to shave off all her hair, the first thing she did was ask why? Emily’s answer was simple.

“Because Amy has no hair.”

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