Asche celebrates 40 years at Rotary Senior Living

Rotary Senior Living resident Alice Gibson Stetz was excited to extend her well-wishes and congratulations to Jan Asche on her 40-year anniversary of employment. Photo by Kim Demory

Jan (Frommelt) Asche began working at Rotary Senior Living (then called Rotary Ann) 40 years ago last week. She was only in high school then and did it to earn a little extra cash, working after school and on weekends. Little did she know it would become more than just a job, but instead, her life’s career...and one for which she would have so much passion for.

Asche first assignment was in the dietary department of the retirement home that was only one year old back then. After graduating from high school, she made the jump from part-time to full-time. That’s when she also took a one-month summer course at Iowa State University in Ames for food service supervisor.

“I did it to better my career,” she said.

She worked in dietary for somewhere around 15 years. Over the course of that time she also took courses in dietary management and food safety, which eventually lead her to the food supervisor position. She remained in that duty for 20 years. Then, four years ago, came yet another opportunity for Asche to advance her career - as the social services designee.

This new role left her with a variety of jobs and a lot of different “hats” to wear, all of which she has enjoyed. She takes care of admissions, discharges, and assessments. She is the resident advocate, resident counsel, grievance officer, and grief counselor. She works with compliances, scheduling care plans... and the list goes on.

“I get to do the fun part - working with the residents and their families,” Asche said. “I love this job.”

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