2017 progress sets the stage for a prosperous 2018

2017 was a year of great accomplishments and growth for the City of Eagle Grove. New businesses were established, new homes and housing units were built, an addition began on the elementary school, and new people came into new positions - all setting the stage for what looks to be a prosperous 2018.

“I am proud to say we have hired Bryce Davis as our new City Administrator. He is very strong in Economic Development, funding, policies, and management,” said Mayor Sandy McGrath. “From the minute he accepted the position he has proven his knowledge and dedication to our vision. I see only bright things for our future with him in that role. I so appreciate his positive foresight and belief that anything is possible.”

“I see a lot of opportunity in Eagle Grove,” Davis said in an earlier interview with the Eagle. “A large part of my job is finding assets in a community to attract and retain business... I believe I can keep Eagle Grove on a positive track forward,”

McGrath pointed out that while unfortunately we saw one long-time Eagle Grove business close as a result of retirement (Knutzon’s Gifts), it was great to see another business, Grammas’ Attic, open up and fill the store front space so quickly. The store offers something new to our community, filling a niche for shoppers who are in search of items from the past, which are quickly becoming popular again. We’ve added other new stores as well - a pet store, a vinyl records and collectibles store... and we’ve seen expansions to other businesses like our local pharmacy and a dentist office who refurbished a former church into a modern day state-of-the art facility. All of these, to mention a few, are great signs that our community is growing forward.

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