“What a wonderful world”

Melody Amonson shows Jen Conaway’s first graders the signs to go along with the book and song of “What a Wonderful World.” Photo by Kim Demory

Remember when you were a kid and you enjoyed each day for what it was? You ran barefoot through the grass, feeling it tickle your feet. The sunshine on your face warmed you like a big, comfy blanket. A rainbow sent your imagination wild wondering where it ended and if there really was a pot of gold waiting to be discovered there.

Grammy Hall of Famer Louis Armstrong captured the feelings of these childhood days when he performed the still widely loved song, “What a Wonderful World” which was released on October 18, 1967.

More than 50 years later, that wonderful world Armstrong sang about is still inspiring the young minds and talents of Eagle Grove Elementary students. Just days before the school year ended for summer break, former teacher Melanie Amonson returned to help the first graders create a “Wonderful World” of their very own.

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