“Figuring out life” after losing everything... but having everything that matters: Toliver’s share how they are “getting back to normal” after fire destroys their home

Part 2 of 2

When the Tolivers had gathered all they could from what was left of their house after the fire, they set out to begin rebuilding their life.

“Normalcy was our goal. We have children with special needs and therefore, normalcy is even more important,” said Tiffini. A huge part in helping them work towards this was family.

Tiffini’s mom gave them a place to stay. Jess’s parents took the little kids back to their home in Churdan. That allowed Jess and Tiffini to figure out things like getting new phones, replacing i mmediate necessities like medicines, and finding a new place to live.

Jess and Tiffini were grateful that immediately after the fire they had five or six people offer them housing. H owever, they had an idea. Only one mile away from where they had lived was a house that the family had just recently moved out of. Jess called them, and by Thursday night, Dec. 27, they had made a deal and the Tolivers were moving into their new home they had bought. By the end of the night, thanks to a group of co-workers and friends of Jess and Tiffini, things were starting to fall into place. The volunteers had sorted through numerous donations the family had received to see what they had and also figured out what they still needed for basic needs. They even put sheets and blankets on all the newly delivered beds from Christ Furniture.

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