‘Meats the Team Night’ at Lewrights All Fall teams to be spotlighted this year

The football players do their part during last year’s event by handing out the pop and water to the crowd. This year’s plan is for the volleyball and cross country teams to also help at the August 16 event. Photo by Les Houser

After a great turnout for a very successful first two years of Lewrights hosting a fundraiser to benefit the Eagle football team, they decided to not only do a third annual event but to make this one bigger and even better. “We’re excited about it,” said Ethan Bubeck.

This year’s event, on Thursday, August 16, will be called ‘Lewrights Meats the Team Night,’ and will involve not only the football players - but all the teams along with the cheerleaders. All proceeds will go to the Sports Boosters.

“It was originally coach Dahlhauser that wanted to do something where the team could give back to the community,” said Bubeck. “Now we decided we could build on what we started by supporting all the sports as a whole.”

Bubeck feels that the community is buzzing right now with the highly anticipated opening of the Prestage pork processing plant. “They’ll be new residents and some new businesses, so with that will come new opportunities,” said Bubeck. “If we can build and create some excitement in the county it would be great.”

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